The world is full of places that give delight and thrills. Ukraine is a beautiful, original country and its capital Kiev is hospitable and welcoming hostess. Welcome to Kiev!
Our city has more than 1,500-year history. It is not unlike any other city in the world. Visitors always notice the predominance of green color in the look of the city. There are parks and gardens, which occupy nearly a half of the territory of Kiev. At the moment, in Kiev there are approximately 400 parks and gardens with total area of 450 hectares.
Kiev was the capital of Kievan Rus, the center of Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe; it is rich in its history and culture. And at the same time, Kiev is modern and rapidly growing city, political and administrative center of Ukraine with a population of nearly 3 million people. Ancient Kiev is amazing its historical monuments; they are very famous all over the world. Modern Kiev demonstrates a completely different pace of life and unique beauty. On the pages of our website you can find details about the excursions in Kiev and Kiev region - from city tours to theme. If you are interested in history and culture, then allow yourself a leisurely walk in the green parks of Kyiv, the freshness of the fountains, golden domes. Many agencies will be happy to offer tours for any group of tourists. Travel for businessmen, religious tours to holy places, interesting excursions for wildlife enthusiasts, extreme tours and much more.
We offer an overview of the travel proposals of the leading Kiev excursion tour operators and companies. What should you see in Kiev, routes, prices and details of tours - all this you will find on our website.
You will love Kiev and you will remember it forever. Meet Kiev, know better this wonderful and beautiful corner of the Ukrainian history.